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Red Lips Zurich

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Luxurious Bar

Indulge your Senses at the Bar

Our bar is the center of luxury and entertainment at Red Lips. Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite aromas and exquisite drinks while you feel the pulse of the night. Choose from over 20 champagnes, over 15 whiskies and more than 30 spirits. Here you will find everything your heart desires in an atmosphere full of glamor and sensuality.

Lounge & Séparée

Exclusive Lounge & Séparée Area

Enjoy your evening in our exclusive Lounge & Séparées, which offer the perfect setting for intimate moments. Surrounded by luxurious décor and a touch of eroticism, you can switch off here in a stylish ambience and enjoy the moment. A place that combines exclusivity and privacy to make your night unforgettable.

Striptease Shows

Sensual Temptation and Hot Shows

Experience the sensual temptation of our Striptease Stage, where the boundaries between fantasy and reality become blurred. Up to 15 talented dancers will whisk you away into a world of sensuality and eroticism as they present their skills on stage. A place where dreams come true and passion is ignited to offer you an unforgettable strip show.

VIP Private Room

Maximum Exclusivity in the VIP Private Room

Immerse yourself in a world of luxury and exclusivity with our VIP Private Room. This exclusive room not only offers you absolute privacy, but also an incomparable experience. Here you can live out your fantasies with our seductive ladies in an atmosphere of elegance and style. A place that offers you the ultimate indulgence and luxury you deserve.